AT & T Galaxy S III tips – how to use wifi only

Hello, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III users! You can control which apps can use your mobile data connection to avoid exceeding your mobile plan’s data limit with your Samsung Galaxy S III.

Maybe you want to use your Galaxy S III Wi-Fi only without a data plan.

Here is a quick tutorial on How to use WiFi only on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III:

Step 1. From the home screen, press the Menu key, and then tap Settings.
Step 2. Tap More settings.
Step 3. Scroll to and tap Mobile networks.
Step 4. Uncheck “Use packet data” to disable Use packet data.

Galaxy S III tips, control network data usage

Questions:Can I turn off mobile-data usage altogether?
Answers: Yes — just go to Settings > Data usage. Select Mobile data and slide the on button to off to disable usage.

How to restrict specific application’s data usage?

Turn off background data on Galaxy S III? Wi-fi only for background data?

Lately, you’ve noticed you’re exceeding the data usage under your carrier’s plan, which is straining your budget. You suspect Google+™ is using more data than you’d prefer, so you open Data usage under your Settings menu, touch Set mobile data limit to disable the background data on the mobile data network only. Then select Google+ and touch Restrict background data. Now, Google+ will connect to Wi-Fi® for background data, but not your mobile carrier network.


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