Samsung galaxy axiom FAQ

What is the model number for Samsung galaxy axiom (u.s cellular)
The u.s cellular Samsung Galaxy Axiom’s MOdel number is Samsung SCH-R830

What is the exact RAM size of my Samsung galaxy axiom(Samsung SCH-R830)
The device has 1GB RAM. Total 4G internal Memory. Up to 32GB microSD® External

How about the Samsung SCH-R830 battery?
The deivce is equipped with a 3.8Volt Lithium Ion 2100mAh battery.
Talk Time: up to 6 Days;Standby Time: up to 8 Days

Is the Samsung SCH-R830 A 4G LTE device?
Yes, It suppots CDMA/PCS/1x, EVDO Rev A, LTE network.

What is the Samsung SCH-R830 operating system?
Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich OS and Samsung’s TouchWiz®.

Is it support Spanish?
Yes, the device supports both English and Spanish.

How about the Samsung galaxy axiom’s display? is it Super AMOLED screen?
No, the device comes with A 4.0” WVGA TFT display.

How about Samsung galaxy axiom(Samsung SCH-R830)’s CPU, is it a dual core?
Yes, The Samsung galaxy axiom(Samsung SCH-R830) features A 1.2GHz Dual Core, MSM8960, Qualcomm CPU.

What kind of video format does the Samsung galaxy axiom play?
Compatible Video Files: H.263, H.264, MPEG4, Divx
Compatible Music Files: WAV, MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MIDI, EVRC, EVRC-B (Voice coder), QCELP, WMA, FLAC, OGG

Does the Samsung galaxy axiom support HTML5?
Yes, it features HTML5 support

Does the device support Flash player, Can i play flash games on my Samsung galaxy axiom?
You need to download and install flash_player_ics.apk.

Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II: Checking for Software Updates

Checking for Software Updates on AT & T Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II.

AT & T Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II will be available soon. When you bought and got a AT & T Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II,you will need to check the software/firmware version and software updates.

You can quickly check for available software updates right from the Samsung Galaxy Note® II Settings menu.

Step 1, Touch Apps > Settings.
Step 2, Under System, touch More settings.
Step 3, Touch About Device and select Software update
Step 4, Choose your country and touch OK.
Step 5, Review the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and place a checkmark in the box next to I accept all the terms above.

Step 6, Touch Confirm
Step 7, Touch Software update to search for available updates.

Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II, AT & T SGH-I317 software updates, checking software updates galaxy note 2, tips & tricks

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Victory Continuous Input option

How does the Continuous Input option work on the Samsung keyboard?
how to enable Continuous Input option on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Victory.

Continuous Input allows you to enter a word by dragging your finger in a path through the letters of the word. To enable continuous input, follow step by step guides as below:

Step 1. touch Apps > Settings > Language and input.
Step 2. Touch the Options icon next to Samsung Keyboard.
step 3. Place a check mark in the box next to Continuous Input.
Step 4. While in Messaging, Email, or any other time the virtual keyboard is open, touch the first letter of the word you want to enter and without lifting your finger, slide to the next letter. Continue dragging your finger to each letter, and lift your finger when the word is complete.

Conenct your galaxy Q with pc As “Mass Storage Device”

You can connect your Galaxy Q to a computer using an optional PC data cable via various USB connection modes. Mass storage is the default connection method.

Mass storage: allows you to use the onboard storage capacity of the phone to store and upload files. This option allows your computer to detect the phone as a removable storage drive.

Connecting as a Mass Storage Device
You can connect your Galaxy Q to a PC as a removable disk and access the file directory. If you insert a memory card in the device, you can also access the files directory from the memory card by using the device as a memory card reader.

Note: The file directory of the memory card displays as a removable disk, separate from the internal memory.

1. Insert a memory card into the device to transfer files from or to the memory card.

2. Press to return to Idle mode.

3. Connect the multifunction jack on your device to a PC using an optional PC data cable.

A pop-up window displays on the PC when connected.

4. Open the folder to view files.

5. Copy files from the PC to the memory card.

how to clear browser cache & history on Galaxy Q

Dear Galaxy Q (SGH-T579) owners, You may want to Clear out the Browser Cache files on your Galaxy Q smart phone if you have problems with pages loading. By clearing Galaxy Q smart phones cache and history, you can free up android device internal memory too.

Here is a simple guide on how to clear browser cache & history on Galaxy Q:

Step 1, From the Galaxy Q Home screen, tap Applications Icon
Step 2, Tap “Internet” Icon
Step 3, Press Menu
Step 4, Tap More
Step 5, Tap Settings

Clear cache: Deletes all currently cached data. Tap OK to complete the process.
Clear history: Clears the browser navigation history. Tap OK tocomplete the process
Clear all cookie data: Deletes all current browser cookie files.

There is also one useful option: Enable JavaScript, In fact, if you want to hide Ads when you visit a page, you can Turn off this “Enable JavaScript” option.

GT-P7510 tips: How To Perform A hard Reset

Perform A Factory Data Reset on Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet will reset the device to its factory settings.

If “hard reset” is the last option to solve your Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet problems, follow this guide to perform a hard reset:

1) Power off your tablet.
2) Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons.
3) Samsung Galaxy Tab logo appeared, let go of the Power button and continue holding Volume Down button. Two Android icons appear.
4) When the two Android icons appear release the Volume Down button, then press the Volume Down button to move the cursor to the left; and then press the Volume Up button to make your selection. The Android system recovery menu appears.
5) Press the Volume Up or Down button to select “wipe data/factory reset”, and then press the Power button to make your selection.
6) Press the Volume Up or Down button to select “Yes – delete all user data”, and then press the Power button to make your selection.
7) When the reset is complete, press the volume Up or Down button to select “reboot system now”, and then press the Power button to make your selection.

Wish this helps you to solve your problems.

How to change The Language On Galaxy 10.1 Tablet (gt-p7510)

Follow the steps below to change the language on the tablet.

Step 1, Power on your tab.

Step 2, Tap Apps in the top right corner.

Step 3, Tap Settings.

Step 4, Tap Language and keyboard.

Step 5, Tap select languae and select the language.

Note: If the tablet is in a language you do not know, look for the keyboard key icon. This is a universal icon on all Galaxy Tablets.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet Kies software & usb drivers?

Just got your Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet (GT-P7510/M32) and want to download Kies software & usb drivers?

One of my friends can not find the Kies software for his new Samsung Galaxy 10.1, so he download the Kies software for the 7” tablet and install it on his computer. But he experience Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet Kies connection problems.

Maybe you are in the same situation. I feel need to share this tips with you!!

Do not download the Kies software for the 7” tablet, The software will not work with the 10.1” model. The Kies software is currently unavailable for the Galaxy 10.1 Tablet

in recent, Samsung official has published the SAMSUNG Kies,PC Sync (Software) (ver. for Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet, you can download it from

GT-p7510_USB_Driver_v1_3_2360_0-EscapeUSB Driver for Wireless Tab is also available for your download.

if you want to transfer video, pictures, music and other files to your Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet tablet, please refer to our easy guides here.

how to transfer files between Samsung Galaxy Appeal and computer

How to transfer files such as mp3 music, pictures between Samsung Galaxy Appeal and computer?

if you have Wi-Fi network at home, you can use the “Kies Air” to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with your Galaxy Appeal.

Kies Air is one Apps preloaded with your Galaxy Appeal. The Kies Air is a tools enable you view and share call logs, videos, photos, music, bookmarks, ringtones, and even send SMS messages from your PC.

Here it is a easy step-by-step guides on how to use “Kies Air”

Step 1, connect your phone to Wi-Fi network.
ensure that your PC or laptop and your mobile device are both connected to the same wi-fi network;
Step 2, On your Samsung Galaxy Appeal , launch the Kies Air application by touching Applications > Kies Air
Step 3, After Kies Air launches, touch Start

Step 4, At the prompt, touch Wi-Fi
Step 5, Kies Air will now show you a URL address that starts with http, something like http://192.168.0

Step 6. enter this address into your computer’s browser;
Step 7, At the Access Request prompt, Touch “Allow”.

You have now connected your mobile device with your PC or laptop wirelessly! and then you can manage files stored on your cell phone via your computer browser.

how to check IMEI code on Samsung Galaxy Appeal

How to check IMEI code on Samsung Galaxy S 3

Dial the *#06#, Your device will show the IMEI code of your device.
Note, The numbers before the “/” symbol is the code you need.

Want to check IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy Appeal? looking for Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth address,?

This is a simple guide for those who are new to Android OS.

You can Access your phones information by:

step 1, From Home screen
Step 2, Tap Application
Step 3, Tap Settings
Step 4, Tap About phone

The following information displays:


displays the battery status, the level of the battery
(percentage), the phone number for this device, the network
connection, signal strength, mobile network type, service state,
roaming status, mobile network state, IMEI number, IMEI SV, Wi-Fi
MAC address, Bluetooth address, and Up time.

You can also check the Battery usage,Legal information,Model number,Android version,Baseband version,Kernel version,and software Build number about your Samsung Galaxy Appeal too.