How to Change language keyboards on Samsung ATIV S (SGH-T899M)

Samsung ATIV S input language settings, Samsung ATIV S add keyboards

You can change Samsung ATIV S system language from the Settings->language+region
To Select a display language for all menus and applications will not enable you to enter text in other language.

If you need to enter text in other languages, You can add language keyboards.

To add language keyboards on Samsung ATIV S

1) On the Applications screen, tap Settings,
2) scroll to system, tap keyboard → add keyboards,
3) select the language keyboards you want to use.

Tap the language key to change language keyboards.

You can find following tips & tricks from Samsung ATIV S’s user guide page 25

Use the Qwerty keyboard or the voice input feature to enter text, Entering text by voice, Copying and pasting, Clipboard