Samsung brightside T9 issues fixed

As a verizon wireless samsung brightside user, you may troubled by the samsung brightside T9 texting problem.

It is a widely known issue, when using T9 on brightside, the device Freezing/Restarting!

Are you still waiting for the Software update or patch to fix samsung brightside T9 texting problems?

The good news is that Samsung official and Verizon wireless has released a update to solve this problem.

check your samsung brightside software by:

To get the update goto:


9) Phone Info

4) Software Update

2) Check new

It will then tell you if there is an update ready for you.

I just did it an am now running “SAMSUNG_U380_FD03_CommercialPackage”

Code: 200 (I’m guessing this means the update was successful)

How to set contact picture? samsung brightside Picture Caller ID feature

Tips & tricks for samsung brightside u380.

Can I see a picture of a contact when that contact calls? the new samsung brightside features “Picture Caller ID” which enable you to set a picture for contact and you can see a picture of the contact when that contact calls.

The Picture Caller ID feature displays a contact’s photo (if available) when that contact calls.:

1) To add a photo to a contact entry, touch Contacts.
2) Select the contact’s entry and touch Edit.
3) Touch the picture block and select an image from the gallery to add to the entry, or touch Take Picture to capture an image.
4) Touch Set > Save to save the changes.

Hope this works for you!

How to add text message signature on samsung brightside

It is cool to have all out-going text message signatures. But It is pity that not all device has the feature to support text message signatures. Many android smart phones owners has to use the 3rd party android APPS to set text messaging signature.

Good news for those verizon wireless samsung brightside owners. You do not need any apps to set text message signature with your samsung brighside.

Follow instructions below to set text message signature:

1) From the Home Screen, touch From the Home Screen.
2) Touch the Messaging
3) Touch “More”
4) Touch “Settings”
5) Scroll download the setting menu
5) Signature: Choose On to add a signature to all messages, and create a signature

From the Messaging setting, you can also choose to set ‘Language”: Set the current language to English or Español, also, you can enable or disable the samsung brightside Auto Erase Inbox:

for more information, please download the samsung brightside user manual and find this settings on page 59.

Verizon Wireless Samsung Brightside Price

Verizon wireless official released the new samsung brightside-an android smart phones with QWERTY Keyboard on 1st March 2012. The samsung brightside (Model index number: samsung u380) is available thought verizon wireless online store and retail channel now.

Are you interested in this samsung brightside smart phone and want to know the Samsung Brightside Price?

The Verizon Wireless is selling the Samsung Brightside for $99.99.

[two-year contract price: $149.99,online discount:$50]