Samsung Galaxy Beam Kies Software & USB Device Drivers – For Win 7 & Mac OS

Samsung Kies for Samsung Galaxy Beam, Samsung Galaxy Beam usb driver

Just upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Beam smart phones? You will need the Samsung Kies software to transfer contacts,media files from your old device to Samsung Galaxy Beam.

USB Device Drivers for Samsung Galaxy Beam is also included in Samsung Kies software. when you install the Kies, you will have the usb drivers installed.

If you want to download the latest Samsung USB Drivers for your Samsung Galaxy Beam only. Here you are:


This is the latest Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones Ver. 1.5.14.

Samsung Kies for Samsung Galaxy Beam is also a tools for your to transfer files between your device and PC, You can check Samsung Kies instruction and features from

Here you are the download links for Samsung Galaxy Beam Kies Software & USB Device Drivers:

SAMSUNG Kies,PC Sync, Ver for Win XP/Vista/Windows 7 , Download

SAMSUNG Kies (Mac),PC Sync ver for Mac OS 10.5 ~ 10.7, Download

Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Beam smart phone. If you encounter some problems with your device, check the Samsung Galaxy Beam user manual here

Galaxy Beam GT-I8530 user manual

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If you purchased and got a  Samsung Galaxy Beam  (AKA GT-I8530) in hand you need this user manual  to help you navigate its features and getting to know it with a full access. This user manual is your guide to how properly handle you Galaxy Beam GT-I8530, navigating messages, SMS, calling, email, browsing etc. Also, you can find the button layouts & icon meanings of your  Samsung Galaxy Beam GT-I8530.

This also includes safety tips and troubleshooting instructions.

Here’s the Galaxy Beam GT-I8530 published by Samsung Official, click below link to download it.:

File size: 7.94MB
File format: PDF
Total pages: 172

For your information:

Get to know your Galaxy Beam button layouts,keys, menu icons: Page 20-23
SMS or MMS message settings: Page 52
Galaxy Beam web & browser settings: Page 92
connect your device to a PC with a USB cable: Page 115
Learn to use the projector: Page 127
how to reset Galaxy Beam I8530: Page 143

Wish this helps, Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Beam GT-I8530!

Samsung beam gt-i8530 picture: