Galaxy Note 2 tips:How to attach a photo from clipboard to message

If you want to attach a screen copy picture to text message, you can tap the attach icon and choose it from your SD card gallery. Now, You have a easy and quick way to do attach the screen copy from clipboard.

1. From within an active message, tap the text input field to reveal the on-screen keyboard.
2. Touch and hold to select from other input methods.
3. Tap Clipboard to launch the device’s clipboard area from where you can select a current clipboard item to place in your current message.

Is it easy?

This is the default samsung on-screen keypad layouts & icons for those who are not familiar with the Samsung virtual keyboard.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900) USB Drivers

Download USB Driver for SPH-L900 (Galaxy Note II) for Sprint.

Samsung USB Drivers for Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900) has been made available by Samsung USA official for users to download and install.

This package includes the Sprint L900 Note II Samsung USB Driver revision 1.4.6 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS. Once the download is complete, double-click the installation file and follow the instructions provided in order to update your drivers. It will allow you to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900) to PC.

Download Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900) USB Drivers

Language: English;
OS: windows xp, vista , windows 7
File size: 22.5MB
File format: .exe
Click here to get Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.14.0.exe for Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900)

via Samsung Galaxy Note II official support website.

Sprint Galaxy Note 2 specs & features

A device codenamed SPH-L900 has been spotted on Bluetooth SIG website. Samsung sph-l900. Also, The RDF for an unannounced device named the SPH-L900 was found on sprint website.

It is rumored that sprint will offer this Samsung SPH-L900 (Galaxy Note 2)to its subscribers.

here are the reported specs and features of the SPH-L900 (Sprint Galaxy Note 2):

1)Exynos4412 processor
2)1280×720 resolution
3)Android 4.1.1!
4)Support for EVDO, DOrA, WiFi and LTE!
5)2 GB RAM
6)16 GB HDD (with expansion slot up to 32 GB)
7)8 Megapixel camera, 1.9M Front Camera
and more

As to Sprint Galaxy Note 2 price and release date, The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note will be available starting from October 25h. Priced for $299.99 for a new two years contract.