Samsung Galaxy S III Tips: Using handwriting with Samsung Keyboard

Want to try “handwriting” as input method on galaxy S III smart phone?

First, Using the Samsung kyeboard as default.

1) From Home screen, Press menu button for system settings
2) Scroll down the settings screen, Locate and Tap “Language and Input”
3) Tap “Default” and select “Samsung Keyboard” as the default keyboard.
4) Tap “Setting icon”, the one at the right of “Samsung Keyboard”
5) Now you can check to enable “Handwrting” feature. (You can also check to enable the continuous input and keyboard swipe too)

Second, using the handwriting to input text message.

1) Launch the Message apps
2) Tap the compose icon to create a new message.
3) Tap and hold the setting icons for 2 seconds on samsung keyboard

4) Select and Tap the first icon.

5) Now you can use the “handwrting” to input something.

If you need to switch back the QWERTY keypad, Tap the Keyboard icon nearby “123 icon”.
You can also access the clipboard, and attach text or picture stored in clipboard area!

using Safe Mode on Galaxy S III

If you have got some problems with your samsung galaxy S III, you can use the “Safe Mode” to determine whether a 3rd party application is the cause of an Operating System / Application issue.

With the Safe mode, You can disables all application that have been installed.

How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S III?

Step 1, Power Off your galaxy s iii
Step 2, Press and hold the Power button until the Samsung logo appears then release.
step 3, With the Samsung logo on-screen, press and hold the Volume down key.
Step 4, Continue to hold the Volume down key until Safe mode appears in the lower-left of the unlock screen then release.

You can test your device functions. If previous problem solved, that means it is some of your apps cause the problem. and then you can try to uninstall each apps and test the device again.

wish this helps!

How to check IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S III

When you registe your Samsung Galaxy S III on Samsung Official support website, You are required to input your IMEI code. Want to check the IMEI code on your Samsung Galaxy S III? You have two option:

Option 1.

Launch the “Call” Apps, on the dial pad, dial the samsung secret cdoes *#06#
Your device will show the IMEI code.

Option 2.

Step 1. From home screen-> Tap Menu -> System Settings ->
Step 2. Scroll down the system setting menu, at the bottom, you will find “About device”
Step 3. Tap “About device”
Step 4. Tap “Status”
Step 5, scroll download the “status” screen, you will find the “IMEI code” of your Galaxy S III

The option 1 looks easy. wish this helps! Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy S III!

Galaxy S III tips: Show pictures only from device

if you want to stop showing the pictures from facebook on you gallay, here it is the simple guide to follow:

1) From home screen, Tap Apps
2) Launch the Gallery from Apps list
3) From you Gallery Apps (Alums), Press the Menu button for settings
4) Select “View By ”
5) Select “Content in device”

Now, your galaxy s 3 will stop showing the pictures from facebook and other share folders.

How to disable 4G/LTE Connection on verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

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The Samsung Galaxy S III (US version) smartphone supports a powerful 4G connection. That connection can sometimes cause the battery to drain faster than with a 3G phone. Especially if you are using the phone in an area that doesn’t support a 4G signal. For this reason, you may want to disable the 4G/LTE connection on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It is easy to disable 4g/LTE connection on Spring Galaxy S III. But, the setting to turn 4G off on verizon wireless galaxy s III is missing. Even that you can not dial “ *#*#4636#*#* ” to get into the phone info menu to set network manually.

However you can use the ‘Phone info” app to accomplish this.”

1, launch play google and search for “Phone info” or visit play google phone info to download this app.

2. after install it on your device, launch “phone info”

3. Tap “Device information

4. Choose to set preferred network type:

5. scroll down the menu, choose “CDMA auto (PRL)” to turn your phone into a 3G.

AT & T Galaxy S III tips: Messaging Settings

Galaxy S III tips, AT & T Galaxy S III, how to change the message text size, Turn off message notifications on status bar,How to set the ringtone for your message notifications?

Tips & tricks for AT & T Galaxy S III Messaging Settings:

If you think the font is small in your text message, you can change the text size by:

From the main Home screen, tap Messaging –>Tap Menu–>Tap Settings –>Tap Display
Using the up or down volume keys to change text size

You can disable the message alert in your notification bar by:

From the main Home screen, tap Messaging –>Tap Menu–>Tap Settings –>Notifications settings
Uncheck Notifications to disable message alert.

How to set text message ringtones?

From the main Home screen, tap Messaging –>Tap Menu–>Tap Settings –>Notifications settings
Select ringtone: allows you to set the ringtone for your message notifications.

For your information, you can find AT & T Galaxy S III Messaging Settings on Page 101 of AT & T Galaxy S III user guide.

How to disable or turn off 4G/LTE on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3

If you are a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 user, you may be wondering how to disable the 4G/LTE network connection to save your Galaxy S III battery life when there is no 4G/LTE network in your area or if you are in an area that 4G/LTE signal is weak.

Unlike many other Android devices, the option to disable 4G/LTE network is a built-in feature on the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. This means that you do not need a 3rd party Android app to turn off the 4G/LTE on your Galaxy S III phone.

Sprint Galaxy S III tips, disable 4G on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

How to turn off 4G/LTE on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Step 1. From Your Galaxy S III Home screen, tap Apps.
Step 2. Scroll to and tap Settings.
Step 3. Tap More settings.
Step 4. Scroll to and tap Mobile networks.
Step 5. Tap Network mode.
Step 6. Tap CDMA , to disable 4G/LTE.

This guide is for Sprint Galaxy S III only. It seems that AT & T Galaxy S III does not has option to disable 4G/LTE network.

wish this helps.!

Galaxy S III tips –> Turn off or Disable 4G/LTE network connection

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How to clear the Samsung Galaxy S III browser cache

You may want to clear the browser cache, history or cookies on the Samsung Galaxy S III to keep things tuned up and working properly when browsing the Internet.

how to clear browser cache on galaxy s iii

How to clear browser cache on Samsung Galaxy S iii

Step 1. From the Galaxy S III home screen, tap the Internet icon
Note: If the Internet icon shortcut is missing, tap Apps and tap Internet.

Step 2. Tap the Menu key.
Step 3. Scroll to and tap Settings.
Step 4. Tap Privacy and security.
Step 5. Tap Clear cache.
Step 6. Tap OK, Confirm to delete cache content and database.
Step 7. The cache is now cleared.

if you like to clear/delete all browser history and cookies on Galaxy S III:

Home screen–>Apps–>Internet–>Menu–> Settings–> Privacy and security

Samsung Galaxy S3 User manual download

Samsung mobile USA has published the Samsung Galaxy S3 User manual and made it ready for your download.


Carrier: Sprint

Sprint Galaxy S3
Model: Samsung SPH-L710
File name: Sprint_L710_Galaxy_S_III_English_User_Manual_LEL_F3.pdf
Sprint Samsung Galaxy S 3 user guideDownload Sprint Galaxy S 3 / SPH-L710 user manual


1) The manual is available as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf). If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the free program at

2) All of these user manual are stored on Samsung Official website. click below download link to grab the Samsung Galaxy S III user guide.

Carrier: AT & T;

ATT Samsung Galaxy S3
Model: Samsung SGH-I747
File Name:ATT_i747_Galaxy_S_III_English_User_Manual_LEM_F6.pdf
at & t samsung galaxy s iii user guideDownload AT & T Galaxy S 3/SGH-I747 User manual

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

Verizon wireless Galaxy S3
Model: Samsng SCH-I535
verizon wireless samsung galaxy s iii user guideDownload Verizon Wireless Galaxy S 3/SCH-I535 User manual

Carrier: T-mobile

T-mobile Galaxy S3
Model: Samsung SGH-T999
File name: T-Mobile_T999_Galaxy_S_III_English_User_Manual_UVLEM_F5.pdf
T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S iii user guideDownload T-mobile Galaxy S 3/SGH-T999 user manual

Samsung Galaxy S III USB Driver (Sprint, AT & T, T-mobile, Verizon Wireless)

Hi, Galaxy S III owners, Here you are the download links for USA Version Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung SGH-I747,Samsung SCH-I535,Samsung SPH-D710 and Samsung SGH-T999) USB Drivers. Choose Your Carrier and device model, and click download to get the latest Samsung usb drivers for your devices. All the files are download from Samsung mobile USA official.

The Samsung Galaxy S III USB Driver packages works on computers running windows 2000/xp, windows vista and Windows 7 operating system. If you experience any Samsung Galaxy S III USB Driver installing issues or USB connection problems, please download and install this latest Samsung Galaxy S III USB Driver.

Also, you can use the setupapi.log (located %windows% folder for windows xp computers) and (windows 7 %windows%/info folder) to trouble shoot kinds of galaxy s 3 USB problems, such as “section no found”, “error 10 can not start device”,”usb driver conflict, and “MTP fails” issues

Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-I535 USB Drivers


AT & T Samsung Galaxy s iii (sgh-i47′) USB driver


Sprint Samsung Galaxy S iii (SPH-D710) usb driver

T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-T999) USB DRIVER

U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-R530 USB Driver

SCH R530 /Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.14.0.exe | Download

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