how to set ringtones for message alert for Samsung Transfix

It is tricky to set ringtones for text message alert/Notifications on Samsung Transfix. If you want to use the preloaded ringtone as text message alert, please follow guides as below:

1) From samsung transfix Home screen, touch Applications and then touch Messaging.
2) Press “Menu” and then touch “settings”
3) Scroll down the menu list, and Go Notification settings:
4) – Notifications: Touch to enable or disable alerts in the status bar.
Select ringtone: Touch to select a ringtone for message alerts.

if you want to use personal ringtones for notifications for Samsung Transfix, you have to transfer the ringtone MP3 file which should be less then 300k to the samsung transfix.

Connect your samsung transfix with computer via USB and your computer will auto detect the phone as “Disk”

and then just go file manager create a folder named as MEDIA, and then in this folder create a folder named as NOTIFICATIONS now just copy the Mp3 files in this folder which you want set as notification than these files will b displayed in the default notification settings.

if you just download some ringtone with your phone, You can try this:

From Home Screen, Click apps, then “my files“, then “downloads“, then find the downloaded tone you want. Click and hold it until the options list pops up. Click “move”, then “media”, then audio, then “notifications”. You have just moved the file into the “notifications” or “text tone” area

Hope this works for you!

how to set text message signature on samsung transfix

Samsung Transfix (SCH-R730) tips & tricks, setting text message signature on Samsung transfix;

One Samsung Transfix user asked that if he can set text message signature on Samsung Transfix. The answer is Yes.

Samsung Transfix is one Android smart phone. For all android smart phones, you can use download and install some Applications like the “handcent SMS” to set the text message signature. The good news is that the Samsung Transfix features the support for text message signature!

How to set text message signature on samsung transfix:

Step 1, From Samsung Transfix Home screen, touch Applications, and then Touch Messaging.

Step 2, Press Menu, then touch Settings to set

Step 3,  you will find the  ‘Storage settings,Text message (SMS) settings, and more,

Step 4, Scroll down the “settings menu” , Touch the Signature settings:

Step 5, Check to Enable Signature: Touch to add a signature to the bottom of the messages that you send.
Signature Text: Enter the text you want displayed in your signature at the bottom of messages that you send.

Wish this works for you!

Cricket Samsung Transfix (sch-r730) usb driver

Samsung Transfix software, sch-r730 usb driver, Cricket Samsung ransfix usb drivers

Some one who just bought the Cricket Samsung Transfix (sch-r730) request the download link for the Cricket Samsung Transfix (sch-r730) usb driver.

Update on 2012/11/21, Samsung mobile has released the Samsung USB Drivers revision

This is the latest Samsung USB Driver v1.5.14.0 for Android Mobile Devices. It will works on computers running Win XP/Vista/Windows 7. The drivers comes with a exe fie format and the size is about 22.81MB.

Click the link below to download:

Cricket Samsung Transfix (sch-r730) usb driver

The Samsung Android USB Device Drivers, Samsung USB Modem drivers, Samsung MTP device drivers are included in this Samsung USB Driver v1.5.14.0.

If you got any problems when installing the Samsung USB Driver for your Samsung Transfix, please share with us., we can work together to solve the problems.

Samsung Transfix user manual

Samsung Transfix (Model Samsung SCH-R730) is a android 2.3 based smart phone released by Cricket in 2011.

The Samsung Transfix (SCH-R730) has a built-in full QWERTY keyboard which enable you quick type or text. It also comes with 3.2″ Touchscreen Display. It is powered by Android™ 2.3 OS (Gingerbread) running on a 800 MHz processor.

For those who are interested in this device or those who lost their print user manual for Samsung Transfix (r730), you can click below links to download the PDF version of the user manual written in English!

Download Samsung transfix user guide/ Manual | PDF | English

The manual for samsung transfix is also available in Spanish, get it here

Voice Actions on Samsung Transfix

ref: Samsung Transfix features, Samsung Transfix Voice Actions


Hello, everyone! If you have a busy lifestyle, I am sure you need this article— how to use Voice Actions on your Transfix.


When you wanna dial a phone number, get directions, compose a message, launch the music player, or search the web, you can use Voice Actions. The feature will do all the above for you by voice alone.


One way is to touch the microphone icon on the Google search bar on the Home screen. The other way is to tap on Applications and touch Voice Search.


It will make your mobile life easier!


Battery Management Tools on Samsung Transfix

ref: Samsung Transfix battery, battery life on Samsung Transfix


Users can better understand battery life and how to optimize it with tools found in the Settings menu.


Step 1, tap on Applications > Settings


Step 2, touch Applications > Battery Usage


Step 3, users will see what programs are currently using the battery. They can also see the time since last charge.

Google Books on Samsung Transfix

ref: download contents on Samsung Transfix, Samsung Transfix download files


I am sure many people enjoy reading books on their handset, and I am one of them. For Samsung Transfix users, they can download books from Google Books. Google Books stores users’ downloaded library in the cloud and allows users to download new books from anywhere. Books also syncs across devices, so that users can start reading on their computer, and pick up again on the same page on the mobile device. That is great!


1. To access Google Books, touch Applications > Books.


2. Touch the magnifying glass and type a search term to search for books.


3. If you want to download a book, touch the book cover and follow the onscreen prompts.

Use Poynt on Samsung Transfix

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Welcome to today’s Samsung Transfix page! I think most of Samsung Transfix are eager to know the usage of Poynt if they don’t know, because Poynt connects customers with local businesses, provides maps, displays the latest weather, and even lets users find the best gas prices or buy movie tickets.


It is not difficult to activate Poynt and use it.


1.   Touch Applications > Poynt.


2.   Scroll through the Poynt carousel


3.   Select Gas, Restaurants, Events, Businesses, People, or Movies.

Invite contacts to calendar event on Samsung Transfix

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The Samsung Transfix allows users to invite contacts to a calendar event or meeting and see invitees’ RSVPs.


To achieve the goal, follow these steps


1. Touch Applications > Calendar, so that create an event


2.Touch Menu key > Create. Enter an event title, date, time, and location


3.Under Participants, touch the text box to manually add participants, or touch the Contacts icon to select names from the phonebook


4.Check the box next to names of contacts to add and touch Add


5.Touch Save to save the event and send invitations