Samsung SCH-R375C User Manual / Guide

This is the official Samsung SCH-R375C User manual provided from the manufacture.

The Samsung SCH-R375C is a basic feature cell phone available from carrier straighttalk.

Those Samsung SCH-R375C users who lost the printed user manual now can download the pdf copy of the Samsung SCH-R375C User Manual.

The Samsung SCH-R375C User Manual is published in English by Samsung Official.

Download Samsung SCH-R375C User Manual in PDF, English.

also you can download the Samsung SCH-R375C User Manual / Guide from this link.

If you need assistance with your phone, Also you can visit this online Tutorials provided by tracfone.Navigate through the steps and see what your phone screen should display.

samsung sch-r375c

Samsung Kies User Guide

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How do i download Samsung Kies User Guide in PDF? Where i can find the samsung kies instruction and Support?

Samsung Official has not published the Samsung Kies User Guide in PDF Format yet.

Here is the Samsung Kies TUTORIAL:

Access the Samsung Kies User Guide from Samsung Kies Software:

Run the Samsung Kies from your computer
From the Kies Software screen, click “help” menu, you will see the Samsung Kies help & tutorial.

Access the Kies User Guide from your computer or mobile browser:

Samsung Kies Guide and helps(Online)

kies20 tutorial Video

Sync contacts and schedule
Sync music, photos, videos
Firmware upgrade
Add new contacts
Create music playlist
Subscribe to Podcast
Save taken photos/videos
Connect a mobile phone via Wi-Fi
Transfer contacts to new mobile phone

Where to download latest Samsung Kies.

Samsung Kies

How Can i get a pdf user guide for Samsung Kies?

If You have Adobe acrobat installed on your computer, You can use the adobe acrobat to create the user guide in PDF by yourself.

From Acrobat Software-> File-> Create PDF –> From web/pages

use the “” as the start URL, click Create to grab the Online version Samsung Kies User Guide into a PDF File.

I have create a PDF copy Samsung Kies User Guide, click here to download.

How to connect Samsung Gusto 2 to Computer via USB Cable

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Select a port for connecting the Samsung Gusto 2 to a PC, and set connection speed.

1. From the Home screen, press the Left Soft Key->Menu ➔ Settings ➔ Call ➔ Data Settings.
2. Configure these data settings:
• Select Port: Choose USB to allow connections via the USB port, or NULL to allow no connections. Press OK Button SET to save the setting.
• Port Speed: Choose a speed, from Auto, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, or 230400. Press OK Button SET to save the setting.

Now connect your Samsung Gusto 2 with the USB Cable!

Wish this helps!

How to delete the screenshots on samsung galaxy S III

The screenshots is stored on SD card,If you need to delete the screenshots to free up some space, Follow the below step by step guides:

1)You can use the “My File” apps to access your SD card, Launch ‘My File” Apps from the “Apps drawer”
2)Tap SDcard
3)Tap Pictures
4)Tap Screenshots
Now, You can find all the screen copy pictures.

Tap and Hold one picture you want to delete, It will popup a window, Tap Delete and then Tap Ok to confirm the delete.

If you want to delete all the screenshots stored on SD card, From Screenshots folder screen, Tap Setting,> Tap Delete,> Tap Select all, > Tap ‘Delete” > Tap Ok to confim the delete!

Now, You have delete all the screenshots stored on SD card, But some of the screenshot still stored on “clipboard”.

This is the guide to Delete screenshot stored on clipboard

Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II: Checking for Software Updates

Checking for Software Updates on AT & T Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II.

AT & T Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II will be available soon. When you bought and got a AT & T Samsung SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II,you will need to check the software/firmware version and software updates.

You can quickly check for available software updates right from the Samsung Galaxy Note® II Settings menu.

Step 1, Touch Apps > Settings.
Step 2, Under System, touch More settings.
Step 3, Touch About Device and select Software update
Step 4, Choose your country and touch OK.
Step 5, Review the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and place a checkmark in the box next to I accept all the terms above.

Step 6, Touch Confirm
Step 7, Touch Software update to search for available updates.

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AT & T Samsung Galaxy Note II tips & tricks: Application Integratio

SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II tips & tricks, SGH-i317 att, S Pen™ Integration,S Note™ on Lock Screen,Contextual Home Screens

S Pen™ Integration SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II

The Samsung Galaxy Note® II lets you personalize your mobile world with the S Pen™. You can write handwritten messages in emails or decorate special occasions on your calendars. Handwritten items are only viewable on your mobile calendar and are not synced with Outlook® or online calendars.

S Note™ on Lock Screen SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II

Hold the S Pen button while double-tapping the screen to activate S Note™. This gesture can also be used on the Lock Screen to activate S Note™. You can also use your S Pen to draw a line down to the Home key to unlock your screen instead of swiping your screen with your finger.

Contextual Home Screens SGH-i317 Galaxy Note® II

Much like the S Pen™ contextual home screen, there are additional contextual home screens displayed when you plug in the earphones and when you dock the phone.

How to disable 4G/LTE Connection on verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

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The Samsung Galaxy S III (US version) smartphone supports a powerful 4G connection. That connection can sometimes cause the battery to drain faster than with a 3G phone. Especially if you are using the phone in an area that doesn’t support a 4G signal. For this reason, you may want to disable the 4G/LTE connection on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It is easy to disable 4g/LTE connection on Spring Galaxy S III. But, the setting to turn 4G off on verizon wireless galaxy s III is missing. Even that you can not dial “ *#*#4636#*#* ” to get into the phone info menu to set network manually.

However you can use the ‘Phone info” app to accomplish this.”

1, launch play google and search for “Phone info” or visit play google phone info to download this app.

2. after install it on your device, launch “phone info”

3. Tap “Device information

4. Choose to set preferred network type:

5. scroll down the menu, choose “CDMA auto (PRL)” to turn your phone into a 3G.

How do i transfer previously purchased apps to a new Samsung Galaxy S blaze 4G

Just got a new Samsung Galaxy S blaze 4G? You may wondering how to transfer previously purchased apps and games to a new Samsung Galaxy S blaze 4G.

Users with a library of previous Android Market™ purchases can load their games and apps onto the new Galaxy S Blaze 4G cell phone in just a few steps.

Here we shared with you simple guides on

how to import previously purchased apps into Galaxy S Blaze 4G:

After adding a Google Account to the phone, touch Applications > Market.
Touch the Menu key > My Apps to view a list of previously purchased apps.
Touch the Install button next to the desired app. (Since apps are linked to a Google Account, any apps that display a Buy button rather than an Install button may have been purchased with a different account.)
If the app is supported on the Blaze 4G, “Samsung SGH-T769” will display in the drop-down box. Touch Install to download the app.

How to Forward SMS to Gmail on Android Smartphones

If you are in an area that does not allow you to carry your phone or maybe you forget your phone at home, you may be worrying that you are missing important phone calls or text messages.

There are a few easy steps below to follow that allows you to use one Android application “SMS2Gmail” to forward SMS and missed calls to your gmail.

How to Forward SMS to Gmail on Android Smartphones

Step 1. visit with your android device.
Step 2. Search “SMS2GMAIL”
Step 3. Download and install SMS2Gmail
Step 4. Launch “SMS2Gmail” settings
Step 5. Press the Gmail address option and enter your Gmail username.
Step 6. Press the “pssword” to enter your Gmail password.

Step 7. Set up an activation code by pressing the option labeled Activation keyword.

When you want to forward any sms or missed calls to your gmail, just text your Android phone with the Activation keyword you set up in Step 7. After that, all SMS and missed calls will be forwarded to your Gmail account.

AT & T Galaxy S III tips: Messaging Settings

Galaxy S III tips, AT & T Galaxy S III, how to change the message text size, Turn off message notifications on status bar,How to set the ringtone for your message notifications?

Tips & tricks for AT & T Galaxy S III Messaging Settings:

If you think the font is small in your text message, you can change the text size by:

From the main Home screen, tap Messaging –>Tap Menu–>Tap Settings –>Tap Display
Using the up or down volume keys to change text size

You can disable the message alert in your notification bar by:

From the main Home screen, tap Messaging –>Tap Menu–>Tap Settings –>Notifications settings
Uncheck Notifications to disable message alert.

How to set text message ringtones?

From the main Home screen, tap Messaging –>Tap Menu–>Tap Settings –>Notifications settings
Select ringtone: allows you to set the ringtone for your message notifications.

For your information, you can find AT & T Galaxy S III Messaging Settings on Page 101 of AT & T Galaxy S III user guide.