how to check IMEI code on Samsung Galaxy Appeal

How to check IMEI code on Samsung Galaxy S 3

Dial the *#06#, Your device will show the IMEI code of your device.
Note, The numbers before the “/” symbol is the code you need.

Want to check IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy Appeal? looking for Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth address,?

This is a simple guide for those who are new to Android OS.

You can Access your phones information by:

step 1, From Home screen
Step 2, Tap Application
Step 3, Tap Settings
Step 4, Tap About phone

The following information displays:


displays the battery status, the level of the battery
(percentage), the phone number for this device, the network
connection, signal strength, mobile network type, service state,
roaming status, mobile network state, IMEI number, IMEI SV, Wi-Fi
MAC address, Bluetooth address, and Up time.

You can also check the Battery usage,Legal information,Model number,Android version,Baseband version,Kernel version,and software Build number about your Samsung Galaxy Appeal too.

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