How to clear the Samsung Galaxy S III browser cache

You may want to clear the browser cache, history or cookies on the Samsung Galaxy S III to keep things tuned up and working properly when browsing the Internet.

how to clear browser cache on galaxy s iii

How to clear browser cache on Samsung Galaxy S iii

Step 1. From the Galaxy S III home screen, tap the Internet icon
Note: If the Internet icon shortcut is missing, tap Apps and tap Internet.

Step 2. Tap the Menu key.
Step 3. Scroll to and tap Settings.
Step 4. Tap Privacy and security.
Step 5. Tap Clear cache.
Step 6. Tap OK, Confirm to delete cache content and database.
Step 7. The cache is now cleared.

if you like to clear/delete all browser history and cookies on Galaxy S III:

Home screen–>Apps–>Internet–>Menu–> Settings–> Privacy and security

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