How to disable 4G/LTE Connection on verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

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The Samsung Galaxy S III (US version) smartphone supports a powerful 4G connection. That connection can sometimes cause the battery to drain faster than with a 3G phone. Especially if you are using the phone in an area that doesn’t support a 4G signal. For this reason, you may want to disable the 4G/LTE connection on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It is easy to disable 4g/LTE connection on Spring Galaxy S III. But, the setting to turn 4G off on verizon wireless galaxy s III is missing. Even that you can not dial “ *#*#4636#*#* ” to get into the phone info menu to set network manually.

However you can use the ‘Phone info” app to accomplish this.”

1, launch play google and search for “Phone info” or visit play google phone info to download this app.

2. after install it on your device, launch “phone info”

3. Tap “Device information

4. Choose to set preferred network type:

5. scroll down the menu, choose “CDMA auto (PRL)” to turn your phone into a 3G.

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