How to disable or turn off 4G/LTE on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3

If you are a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 user, you may be wondering how to disable the 4G/LTE network connection to save your Galaxy S III battery life when there is no 4G/LTE network in your area or if you are in an area that 4G/LTE signal is weak.

Unlike many other Android devices, the option to disable 4G/LTE network is a built-in feature on the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. This means that you do not need a 3rd party Android app to turn off the 4G/LTE on your Galaxy S III phone.

Sprint Galaxy S III tips, disable 4G on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

How to turn off 4G/LTE on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Step 1. From Your Galaxy S III Home screen, tap Apps.
Step 2. Scroll to and tap Settings.
Step 3. Tap More settings.
Step 4. Scroll to and tap Mobile networks.
Step 5. Tap Network mode.
Step 6. Tap CDMA , to disable 4G/LTE.

This guide is for Sprint Galaxy S III only. It seems that AT & T Galaxy S III does not has option to disable 4G/LTE network.

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Galaxy S III tips –> Turn off or Disable 4G/LTE network connection

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