how to set a signature on the samsung stratosphere

Some of the Android smart phones does not features text-message signature settings,you need to use 3rd party android apps like “handcent sms” to enable text-message signature.

Can i make a message signature on the samsung stratosphere? Yes, You can. You do not need android apps to set up the outgoing message signature!

Follow step by step guide below to set set a signature on the samsung stratosphere:

Step 1, From the Samsung stratosphere Home screen, touch Messaging.
Step 2, Press the Menu Key, then touch Settings for options:
Step 3, You will see the list of settings Storage settings,Text message (SMS) settings,Multimedia message (MMS) settings,Notification settings,and the last one “Signature”
step 4, check to “Enable Signature
Step 5, enter the “Signature Text”

You complete the samsung stratosphere text message signature settings. and now the “Signature Text” you enter at Signature Text is included in all messages you send from your samsung stratosphere.

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