How to set different text ringtones for different contacts on samsung galaxy nexus

One samsung galaxy nexus owner asked if he can set a contact a specific text message alert so that he can know who the actual person has text him!

Is this also your question? It is pity that The samsung galaxy nexus phone does not have such feature. The good news is that you can use some android applications to set different text message alert for different contacts on your samsung galaxy Nexus!

You can go android market from your samsung galxy nexus, searching for”handcent sms” and install it from android market to your device, or you can download the Handcent SMS_3.9.10 files and install it by yourself.

[download the, unzip it. and transfer the apk file to you SD card, and then you can install it]

OK, Now you have installed the ‘Handcent SMS” applications on your samsung galaxy nexus!

Step 1, From your Samsung Galaxy nexus Home Screen, Press for Applications and then Tap “Contacts”

Step 2, Locate the contact you want to set specific text message alert, Press and Hold for 2 seconds, You will see a pop up menu, tap “text contact”.

Step 3, An pop up windows with menu will asked which application will be used as default “message applications”, choose handcent sms”

Step 4, From the “Contact SMS” screen,, touch the top-right icon for settings:

Step 5, You will see a pop up windows with menu Title “Personalization”, Touch “Notification Settings”

Step 6, Touch “notification sound” to set the sound for incoming message for this specific contact.

wish this helps! please leave your comments if you have any further question!

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