how to set ringtones for message alert for Samsung Transfix

It is tricky to set ringtones for text message alert/Notifications on Samsung Transfix. If you want to use the preloaded ringtone as text message alert, please follow guides as below:

1) From samsung transfix Home screen, touch Applications and then touch Messaging.
2) Press “Menu” and then touch “settings”
3) Scroll down the menu list, and Go Notification settings:
4) – Notifications: Touch to enable or disable alerts in the status bar.
Select ringtone: Touch to select a ringtone for message alerts.

if you want to use personal ringtones for notifications for Samsung Transfix, you have to transfer the ringtone MP3 file which should be less then 300k to the samsung transfix.

Connect your samsung transfix with computer via USB and your computer will auto detect the phone as “Disk”

and then just go file manager create a folder named as MEDIA, and then in this folder create a folder named as NOTIFICATIONS now just copy the Mp3 files in this folder which you want set as notification than these files will b displayed in the default notification settings.

if you just download some ringtone with your phone, You can try this:

From Home Screen, Click apps, then “my files“, then “downloads“, then find the downloaded tone you want. Click and hold it until the options list pops up. Click “move”, then “media”, then audio, then “notifications”. You have just moved the file into the “notifications” or “text tone” area

Hope this works for you!

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