how to transfer mp3 files from Computer to samsung brightside

copy / transfer music files from PC to samsung brightside?

You can transfer music from your Samsung Brightside phone to your PC or from the PC to the phone.

Note: USB Mass Storage will not appear as an option if you do not have a memory card inserted in your phone’s micro SD card slot. You need to use a memory card to transfer files from computer to samsung brightside.

Step 1. Insert your Memory card into the microSD slot.
Step 2. Plug the USB cable into your Birghtside and connect it to a USB port on your PC.
Step 3. From the Home Screen, touch Tools ➔ USB Mass Storage.
Step 4. On your PC, you should see a Removable Disk pop-up window. Select the desired action and click OK.
Step 5. Now you are ready to Drag and drop files from the PC to your phone or vice versa.

Notes, You can not use the internal storage mounted as “Mass Storage”!

Is it sounds easy to copy files between your samsung brightside and PC? Hope this helps you!

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