T-mobile Samsung SGH-T289 Cell Phones

Samsung SGH-T289, T-mobile, Upcoming T-mobile Samsung phones 2013.

It seems that T-mobile(USA) and Samsung are working together to bring a new basic feature cell phone,namely the Samsung SGH-T289, to T-mobile Subscribers in early 2013.

The Samsung SGH-T289 was spotted at Bluetooth SIG Website where the device received its Bluetooth Certificate. According to Bluetooth SIG Fillings, the Samsung SGH-T289 is a basic feature device features bluetooth 2.1+EDR technology.

The device model number prefix “SGH-T” suggests that The Samsung SGH-T289 is a device heading to T-mobile USA.

For the time being, however, no specific info on what the Samsung SGH-T289 might be all about has emerged, so stay tuned to learn more on it. You can see it on Bluetooth SIG’s website on this page.

Samsung ATIV smart PC (Windows 8) User Manual

Download the official Samsung ATIV smart PC (Windows 8) User Manual.

The official model number of the Samsung ATIV smart PC for AT & T is XE500T1C.

Powered by windows 8 operating system,The Samsung ATIV smart PC (XE500T1C) has been released by AT & T for a while.

Samsung has published the Windows 8 operating system user manual for Samsung ATIV Smart PC (AT&T), Now You can download it from the Samsung ATIV smart PC official support website.

Here you are the Samsung ATIV smart PC (Windows 8) User Manual straight from Samsung website:

Download Samsung ATIV smart PC (Windows 8) User Manual in English

Enjoy your Samsung ATIV smart PC.

Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) user manual / Guide

This is the official Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) user manual straight provided from the manufacture.

The Samsung galaxy music, also known as “Samsung GT S6010”, has been released in the UK for a while. It is device powered by Android 4.0 ICS with enhanced Audio Music experience. The Samsung galaxy music features SRS sound enhancement and stereo speakers, and built-in antenna. As to supported music file formats, the device can play music files such as MP3, OGG, 3GP, MP4, FLAC, M4A, IMY, MIDI, AWB, AMR, WMA and ACC.

Samsung official has published the Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) user manual in English and made it ready for your download. Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) owners can also download the Quick start Guide for your devices.

Download Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) user manual

Language: English
File format: PDF
Size: 10.86MB
Total 95 Pages.
Direct download link

Download the Samsung galaxy music quick start guide in English, PDF.

If you experience any problems with your Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) smart phone, you can refer to the Samsung galaxy music (GT S6010) user manual on “Troubleshooting” (Pages 90-95).

For options to reset your Samsung galaxy music phone to its factory default settings, please review pages 91 of your Samsung galaxy music User Guide.

For options to transfer files (audio, video, image, or other types of files) from your phone to your computer or vice versa, please review pages 32.

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Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082) User Manual / Guide

This is the official Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082) user manual provided from the manufacture.

Samsung has released the Samsung Galaxy Grand mid-range smartphone in India. Also known as Samsung GT-I9082, this version of Galaxy Grand comes with dual-SIM capability.

Samsung mobile has published the Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082) User Manual in English and made it ready for your download.

Here is the Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082) User Manual straight from Samsung Official website for those who are in need of it.

Download Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082) User Manual

Language: English
File Format: PDF
Total 121 Pages
Download GT-I9082_UM_EU_Jellybean_Eng_Rev.1.0_130117.pdf

If you experience any problems with your Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082), please refer to the Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082) User Manual on “Troubleshooting” – Pages 116~121.

About Samsung GALAXY GRAND (GT-I9082):


Samsung T159 User manual / Guide

This is the official Samsung T159 User manual provided from the manufacture, Samsung mobile USA.

The Samsung T159 is a basic feature cell phone released by T-mobile USA in 2012. The T-mobile Samsung T159 is a flip phone measures 1.9″ x 3.8″ x 0.6″ in size and weight 2.9 Ounces.

Samsung mobile USA has published the Samsung T159 User manual in English and Spanish language, and made it a pdf file ready for your download.

Table of contents (Samsung T159 User manual )

Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: Understanding Your Phone
Section 3: Call Functions
Section 4: Menu Navigation
Section 5: Entering Text
Section 6: Messaging
Section 7: People
Section 8: Media
Section 9: Organizer
Section 10: Camera
Section 11: Changing Your Settings
Section 12: Health and Safety Information
Section 13: Warranty Information

Download T-mobile Samsung T159 User manual in English, PDF


Download T-mobile Samsung T159 User manual in Spanish, PDF


If you want to know how to reset Samsung T159 / Master reset, please refer the Samsung T159 User manual on Master Rest (Pages 129).

USB Mode / Learn how to set up the USB Settings on Samsung T159 Cell Phone, Pages 118.

Samsung Express GT-I8730

The upcoming Samsung GT-I8730 has been spotted on Bluetooth SIG Website dated 20-Dec-2012. According to Bluetooth SIG filling, the new Samsung GT-I8730 will be released in Asia, Europe, North America with Bluetooth 4.0 technology packed inside.

Also, The Samsung Express GT-I8730 has appeared at Glbenchmark website. The device;s benchmark test reports indicate that the phone will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. It will also will sport a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8930 Snapdragon processor with 384 ~ 1188MHz operating frequency, a WVGA (480×800 pixels) display.

The Glbenchmark test report also revealed that the GT-I8730 model is 4G LTE enabled and the device’s code name is “Express LTE”.

Today, the Samsung Express LTE GT-I8730 has pass the FCC test. A device got its FCC Approves means that the device is going to be released soon.

Keep tuned for more information.

Samsung SGH-A997M, SGH-A997R, SGH-A997D receive Bluetooth SIG Certificate

Samsung SGH-A997 is the Samsung Rugby® III for AT & T. Today, Samsung Rugby® III (SGH-A997 ) variants Samsung SGH-A997M, SGH-A997R, SGH-A997D cell phones were listed on Bluetooth SIG Website, where the devices received their Bluetooth SIG Certificate.

According to Bluetooth SiG fillings, the Samsung SGH-A997M, SGH-A997R, SGH-A997D cell phones will features Bluetooth Version 2.1+EDR technology, and the devices are scheduled to be launched in North America.

Maybe Samsung SGH-A997M, SGH-A997R, SGH-A997D cell phones are the Samsung Rugby® III to be launched in Canada.

About ATT Samsung Rugby 3 (Samsung SGH-A997):

The ATT Samsung Rugby 3 (Samsung SGH-A997) is a basic feature device comes with Flip form factor. It is an extraordinarily durable phone, certified to Military Standard 810G, which can handle anything from drops and vibrations, to rain and dust.


via https://www.bluetooth.org/tpg/EPL_Detail.cfm?ProductID=26754

Verizon Wireless to launch Samsung Stratosphere 3?

The new Samsung SCH-I425 Cell phone has been spotted at Glbenchmark test database.

The Model number of the Samsung SCH-I425 suggests that the device is coming on the way to meet verizon Wireless subscribers in the coming weeks.

The Samsung SCH-I425 test report also indicate that the upcoming samsung sch-i425 is powered by Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system and packs a 1.4 GHz processor, along with an Adreno 305 graphics processing unit. It also sports an HD (1280 x 720 pixels) capacitive touchscreen display of unknown size.

We know that the Samsung SCH-I405 was released with the code name “Samsung Stratosphere”, and the Samsung SCH-I415 was released as the “Samsung Stratosphere 2”. So will this Samsung SCH-I425 be launched by verizon wireless as “Samsung Stratosphere 3”?

For the time being, we have not seen the Samsung SCH-I425 at FCC database, Neither the Bluetooth SIG website nor the Wi-FI Alliance website.

Keep tuned for more information.

Sprint Samsung SPH-M840 Cell Phone Emerges at Bluetooth SIG

A new Samsung smartphone has received the necessary certification with Bluetooth 4.0 packed inside, namely the Samsung SPH-M840 Cell Phone.

The SPH-M840‘s Bluetooth SIG Certificate indicate that the device is scheduled to be launched in North America.

However, based on the model numbers, The Samsung SPH-M840 is suggested to be a new upcoming Samsung Phones for Sprint and might be formally announced in the near future.

Sprint (Boost Mobile) has released the Samsung SPH-M830 as Samsung Galaxy Rush which comes with Android 4.0 ICS Operating System. So the Samsung SPH-M840 is likely to go on sale as Samsung Galaxy Rush II, the follow up of the Galaxy Rush, and will probably come packed with Android 4.1.2 OS.

Apart from the fact that it will sport Bluetooth 4.0 nothing else is known on the new device.

However, more should emerge on Samsung SPH M840 as its release date approaches, so stay tuned to learn the news.


via Bluetooth SIG

Galaxy Rugby LTE (SGH-I547C) Tips: How to Transfer/Sync Files

If your phone and PC share the same wi-fi network, you can use Kies via Wi-Fi to sync files between your Galaxy Rugby LTE (SGH-I547C) and PC.

Kies via Wi-Fi allows you to sync your PC wirelessly with your device provided they are both on the same network. You can view and share videos, photos, music, ringtones, and more.

To transfer/sync files with Kies via Wi-Fi:

1) Download and install latest Samsung Kies for Galaxy Rugby LTE (SGH-I547C) On to your PC.

2) Launch the Samung kies Software on your PC and Connect Your PC To Wi-Fi Network

3) On your phone’s Home screen, tap Menu ➔ Settings ➔ More settings ➔ Kies via Wi-Fi.

4) Connect your Phone to the same Wi-Fi network that your PC is connected.

5) When the name of your PC appears in the Kies via Wi-Fi list on your phone, tap the name.

6) When the Wi-Fi connection request box appears on the PC, tap Yes.

7) The phone and PC are now connected. The phone’s name should appear in the Connected devices area in the Kies software on the PC.

You can now use the Kies software to transfer files.

If you have no Wi-fi network, You can use the USB Mass storage mode to transfer files.

1) From Your Phone, -Settings -> PC Connections – Select Storage mode

Storage: allows you to use the storage capacity of the phone
and SD card to store and upload files. This option allows your
computer to detect the phone and SD card as a removable storage drives

2) Connect your phone to computer via USB Cable.

3) Your PC Should detect your phone as removable disk

4) Now From Your PC ‘S File explore to drag and drop files between your Phone and PC.