Remote Controls Your Galaxy S III-using samsungdive service to unlock pattern lock

THere are many useful services offered by Samsung Account and SamsungDive is one of those.

Samsung Galaxy S III owners will be happy to find that their devices come with a new Samsung Dive service, which will remotely wipe data stored on the phone, in case the device has been lost or stolen.

If you have forgotten your Galaxy S III screen unlock pattern, you can also use the SamsungDive service “Unlock My Screen” to reset the screen lock pattern.

How to use Samsungdive to Reset Galaxy S III screen unlock pattern

Activate Remote Controls First:
Step 1, Home Screen–>Apps–>Settings–>Personal–>Security
Step 2, Select “Find my mobile > Remote Controls”.
Step 3, Adding your Samsung account
Step 4, Adding your Google account.

Then visit and sign into your Samsung account to control your Samsung Galaxy S III.

[Note] It seems the USA Sprint version of the Galaxy S III does not support SamsungDive service at this time. Please tell us if this works for your device and carrier.

Other features of SamsungDive service:

1) Wipe Out My Mobile:
Erases the data on your mobile to prevent the data from being disclosed.

2) Call Logs:
Retrieve the call history of your mobile for the last week.

3) Call/Message Forwarding:
Forward calls and messages to the lost mobile to a specified mobile number.

4) Ring my mobile:
Makes your mobile ring at the highest volume using the basic ring tone.

5) Track my mobile:
Shows the movements of your mobile on the map every 15 minutes for 12 hours.

If you need further help, Please visit, locate the Galaxy S III, and you will find SamsungDive service help on Galaxy S III.

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