[Rogers Galaxy Captivate tips] how to reset Samsung Galaxy Captivate i896

Rogers Samsung Galaxy Captivate i896 Tips and Tricks: How to reset Captivate i896 cell phone

This is a simple guide for users who own the Rogers Samsung Galaxy Captivate cell phone.

Please note that you will be erasing all data by performing a hard reset on the Galaxy Captivate i896. Make sure you save all important data such as pictures and music that you don’t want to lose. You will have your device back to how it was like when it was shipped out-of-box.

How to reset Rogers Samsung Galaxy Captivate (i896) to its factory default settings


Option 1: using the device menu to perform reset, if you can access it.

1. From the Captivate i896 Home screen, touch Applications > Settings > Privacy.
2. Tap Factory Data Reset.
3. Enter your password.(default password is the last 4 digit of your phone number)
4. Select Yes to confirm.

The phone resets to the factory default settings automatically and when finished, it displays the Home screen.

Option 2: using button Combination #1, if you can not access the device menu.

1. Turn the device off, or if the device is frozen remove the battery and put it back again.
2. Hold the volume down button and press the power button simultaneously.
3. Menu will pop-out containing the options: Reboot, Re-install packages, Delete all user data, and Delete cache data.
4. Select Delete all user data by pressing the volume down button.
5. Press and release the power button to select.
6. Confirm your decision, to choose YES press volume up button.
7. Select Reboot using the volume button and press power to select. Device will reboot and reset complete.

wish this helps! Enjoy your Rogers Galaxy Captivate!

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