Samsung brightside issues & Questions roundup

Q1. Is Samsung brightisde a smart phone?
A1. No, It is a basic phone launched by verizon wireless.

Q2. Is it only plays mp3’s? what type of music file does brightside by samsung support?
A2. Samsung Brightside Compatible Music Files, 72 Poly MIDI, AAC, AAC+, CMX4.4.5, EAAC+, EVRC, I-Melody, M4A, MP3, QCELP, WMA
So you can play m4a, mp3, wma music files on your brightside.

Q3. accessing my pictures on the brightside sd card.?
A3. I also had difficulty with accessing my pictures on my sd card. If the card is from a old phone you have to get the pictures file renamed

Q4. Do i need to format the sd card first?
A4. Yes, u have to format the sd card while in the phone. Go to settings> memory> phone card> format

Q5. Can i sync music from itunes to my samsung brightside.
A5, Yes, you can sync musics from Itunes to samsung brightside if only the music files are not DRM protected.

Q5. Can i play video on my samsung u380 brightside?
A5. Yes, Please check the Page 75 of the u380 Brightside manual:

“Use ‘My Videos’ to view and manage videos stored on your phone.

For more information, see ‘My Videos’ on page 88.

From a Home screen, touch ‘Media Center’ -> ‘Picture & Video’ -> ‘My Videos'”

Q6. Where i can download the Samsung brightside user manual
A6,, this is the u380 brightside manual comes in pdf file format.

Q7. I moved all my pics & videos onto the MicroSD card in My old phone. When I insert that card into the Brightside, it doesn’t find any pics or videos. Why?
A7. I had the same problem. I had to rename the video and picture folders on my SD card so my phone would recongize them. I plugged my phone into my computer via the USB cable provided to access the card and renamed the folders ‘my_pictures’ and ‘my_videos’. Good luck.

Another answers by one samsung brightside owner:

I too had this issue, what i did was move all the pic’s/video’s from the SD card to my computer (i used a micro SD card adapter) then placed the SD card back in my Brightside & reformatted the card (there is a selection in the phone to do this).

Then i put the SD card back in my computer & put the Pic’s/Video’s in the named folders & reinserted the card in my phone & presto…Good Luck& presto…Good Luck

Q8. Samsung Brightside ringtones?
A8. Ringtones, Polyphonic,72-note; MP3/Music Tones! Only the Mp3 files can be set as ringtone.

Q9. what video format do i use for samsung brightside?
A9. Video: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, check samsung brightside specs sheet here

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