Samsung brightside (u380) menu buttons

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This article help you to understand the Samsung brightside (u380) menu & buttons layout.

1. Main Screen
2. Send Key: Press to answer an incoming call or to dial a number. From the Home screen, press to open the KEYPAD screen.
3. Clear key: Press to return to the previous screen. Press and hold to return to the Home screen.
4. Earpiece: Allows you to hear callers.
5. Proximity and Light Sensors: Detects the presence of nearby objects to control screen display, such as when you hold the phone to your ear during a phone call. Detects ambient light to determine screen brightness when the Automatic brightness setting is enabled, and when taking pictures.
6. End/Power key: Press and hold to power the phone On or
Off. Press to end a call or to end any application from any
menu, sub-menu or options menu.
7. Microphone: Allows the other caller to hear you clearly when you are speaking to them.

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