Samsung Brightside USB settings

When you connect your samsung brightside to computer via USB CABLE, your computer will automatically detect the connection. Your samsung brightside support 3 USB mode, that is Ask On Plug, USB Mass Storage and Modem Mode

Ask On Plug Mode: You will be asked to select the USB mode each time the USB data cable is connected from your phone to the USB port of your computer.

Modem Mode: Enable the use of your phone as a modem for other devices,

USB mass storage mode

In mass storage mode, the phone appears as a disk on the computer when connected via USB, just like a USB flash drive.

if you want to transfer files between samsung brightside and computer, You need to set the “Mass storage Mode”, follow the below guide:

1) From the Home Screen, touch Settings ➔ USB Mode
2) Touch to active “USB Mass Storage”
3) Plug in your USB cable, your computer will automatic detect your device.
4) Now it is ready to sync media like music, pictures, and videos from
your PC to the microSD™ memory card in your brightside.
5)Just drag and drop between the computer and “Mass storage device”.

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