Samsung Galaxy S II X USB connection modes?

Samsung Galaxy S II X USB settings,using Samsung Galaxy S II X as Mass storage, SGH-T989D USB connection settings

Need to download Samsung Galaxy S II X Samsung SGH-T989D USB drivers? In fact, The Samsung USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S II X (989d) is included in the software called “Samsung Kies“.

Click here to download latest Samsung Kies software for Samsung Galaxy S II X Samsung SGH-T989D Cell Phone. Installing the Samsung Kies onto your Computer will have the latest Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones installed.

If you wish to Copy files between the PC and your Samsung Galaxy S II X, you need to configure the Samsung Galaxy S II X USB settings first. Please understand that you can connect your device with pc via various USB connection modes, the Samsung Galaxy S II X support two modes: “Mass storage” and “Kies air“. and the Mass storage is the default connection method.

Mass storage: allows you to use the onboard storage capacity of the phone and SD card to store and upload files.

Kies air: allows you to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with yourphone provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to configure the usb settings on Galaxy S II:

Steps 1. Press Home icon —> Menu Icon —> and then tap (Settings)–>Wireless and network–>USB utilities

and then “Connect storage to PC.”

Steps 2. Connect the USB cable to the phone and then to the computer.

Steps 3. Tap Connect USB storage. Both the phone and computer display icons to show that the device is mounted.
As soon as the connection is established a drive letter is assigned to the phone’s storage device.
A pop-up window displays on the PC when connected.

Steps 4. Open the folder to view files.

Steps 5. Copy files between the PC and the memory card as required.

Steps 6. To exit, tap Disconnect storage from PC.

Please notes that, if you are using tethering, you can not mount your device as a “Mass Storage”.

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