Samsung Galaxy S III clipboard ? Delete screenshot stored on clipboard

Samsung Galaxy S III tips: copy paste from clipboard on Galaxy S III, how to delete screen shot stored on Samsung Galaxy S III clipboard, Manage clipboard on Galaxy S III

One Galaxy S III user asked where the clipboard on galaxy it is. I have the same question, when I take some screen shot, it is said “copy to clipboard”, so is there a way I can access the clipboard, is there a way to delete the content on the clipboard?

After study the device for a while, I find out the way to delete the content stored on Clipboard. Here I shared with you who are in the same situation the step by step guides on how to delete the content on the clipboard

Manage clipboard on Galaxy S III: How to delete the content stored on the Galaxy S III

Step 1, On your device, Launch the “Messaging” Apps
Step 2, Tap “Compose” Icon;

Step 3. Press “enter message” for 2 seconds, You will see two option: paste and clipboard

Step 4. Tap “clipboard”, you will see the content on clipboard.

Step 5, Press and hold the ‘screen shot” stored on clipboard.

Step 6, Tap “delete from clipboard”.

Also, You can download and install some 3rd party apps such as “Clipboard Manager”. But it does not have a option to delete those screen shot stored on Clipboard.

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