Samsung T159 User manual / Guide

This is the official Samsung T159 User manual provided from the manufacture, Samsung mobile USA.

The Samsung T159 is a basic feature cell phone released by T-mobile USA in 2012. The T-mobile Samsung T159 is a flip phone measures 1.9″ x 3.8″ x 0.6″ in size and weight 2.9 Ounces.

Samsung mobile USA has published the Samsung T159 User manual in English and Spanish language, and made it a pdf file ready for your download.

Table of contents (Samsung T159 User manual )

Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: Understanding Your Phone
Section 3: Call Functions
Section 4: Menu Navigation
Section 5: Entering Text
Section 6: Messaging
Section 7: People
Section 8: Media
Section 9: Organizer
Section 10: Camera
Section 11: Changing Your Settings
Section 12: Health and Safety Information
Section 13: Warranty Information

Download T-mobile Samsung T159 User manual in English, PDF


Download T-mobile Samsung T159 User manual in Spanish, PDF


If you want to know how to reset Samsung T159 / Master reset, please refer the Samsung T159 User manual on Master Rest (Pages 129).

USB Mode / Learn how to set up the USB Settings on Samsung T159 Cell Phone, Pages 118.

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